Here is your #2 Changelog for Skyblock Fire!
  • Coinflipper has been changed with /cf, /rps and /jp
  • Chat Reaction has been added to chat and is activated when there is 4 players online with rewards of money to keys
  • Join message in-game has been added
  • Motd updated
  • Auto announcer has been partially updated
  • Stained Clay added to the shop
  • Wool shop renamed to Colour Blocks (Stained Clay is in this section)
  • Crates have been updated (Ranks added, Tags added, Items changed and Removed)
  • You can now repair your pick at warps enchants for tokens
  • Growth rate changed from 1 (100%) to 2 (200%)
  • AntiCheat added
  • Earn 2 minutes of fly per /vote, yes the time does stack
  • ClearLag has been extended so chat is not spammed
  • /ad has been changed to be less OP
  • Donator Ranks disguises have been fixed
Here is your #1 Changelog for Skyblock Fire!
  • Gold and Iron sell prices swapped and repriced to match spawner costs
  • Zombie Pigmen now drop Gold Ingots rather than Gold Nuggets
  • /te withdraw <amount> changed to /ft withdraw <amount>
  • Tags gui has been fixed
  • Beacons now level your island up 25 levels per beacon.
  • Beacons now cost $150,000 instead of $80,000
  • Glowstone has been added to the misc shop in /shop
  • Warp enchants been added to /warps
The following are the official server rules for VenomNetwork, with each respective punishment listed below in red, increasing in severity with every same offense committed (once the last punishment is reached, it is repeated).


Bannable Offences

Scamming for real life currency or buycraft vouchers/coupons/giftcards from Venom Network is not allowed.
Continuous toxicity is not allowed.

This results in a permanent ban without warning, possibly across all of Venom Network and their related platforms (such as the forums, discord & Plug.DJ), even possibly lasting through global ban resets.
1st Offence: Perm Ban (No Appealing)

Charging back on MinecraftMarket purchases is not allowed.
This applies to charging back on other players and on yourself. Repeatedly charging back results in a permanent ban across all of Venom Network and from MinecraftMarket.
1st Offence: Perm Ban

Blatantly advertising non-Callatic owned servers or server IPs in any way is not allowed.
Advertising through signs or any other in-game chats fall under this rule.
1st Offence: Perm Ban (Appeal 30d)

Lag machines are not allowed.
Duping, or attempting to dupe, is not allowed.
Sending, spreading or sharing scam links in any way is not allowed.
Using linked spam bots is not allowed.

This is where multiple accounts say the same or similar message, at the same time or in succession. The punishment applies to all related accounts.
3rd party trading is not allowed.
Offering or gaining anything from a 3rd party external source via trading is not allowed. These include but are not limited to CSGO skins, minecraft accounts, optifine capes & PayPal cash. Only items, vouchers or buycraft purchases from any of Venom Network can be traded among each other. This is punishable regardless of whether or not the deal was carried out.
Sharing others’ personal information, in any way, is not allowed.
This is punishable regardless of whether the information was correct.
1st Offence: Perm Ban (Appeal → 14d)

Scamming for any real life items or virtual non-Venom items is not allowed....​